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Using “underpinnings” for vintage shape

Posted on November 12th, 2010 by

I just came across this great article that talks about how you can use modern shapeware/foundation garments to achieve a vintage body shape with your clothes. The author interviewed the stylist for the show “Mad Men”, a modern show set in the 1950’s. She talks about how to measure yourself to get accurate measurements and how to achieve the smooth, curvy shape of decades gone by. I personally know there are many many shapeware options available these days that help us achieve what ever body shape we desire.

A short how-to guide on buying vintage

Posted on October 6th, 2009 by

This is a great and short article on how to buy and wear vintage clothing and jewelry. Just wearing vintage clothing is one thing, dancing in them is another. This point is something that we dancers have and will probably always grapple with when buying true vintage clothing. The wear and tear that dancing takes on clothes in general is rough, but then consider older fabric, thread, and fit and now you are talking a whole different story. But I hope this article at least helps you with buying vintage items in general. And yes, a good tailor is indispensable (anyone know of one btw?).

“The irony is that vintage is actually what all of the new stuff in stores is made to look like anyway. In a world where everything’s accessible and ubiquitous, vintage is the way to personalize your look.

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A roundup of vintage style tips

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by

vintage-coupleWith the annual USO dance coming up in a few weeks, we thought it would be helpful to post a roundup of tips on how to dress vintage. Think of this as a quick links starting point on how to go retro for the USO. Before you get your start, you might want to browse around the web to get an idea of what WWII era fashions were like. You may even want to check out some cool 40’s era recreations (ladies and gentleman’s styles) for inspiration. Likewise, a quick start is to check out the retro clothes on However, don’t feel you have to spend an arm and a leg and don’t think you are limited to vintage shops and recreations. With a sharp eye, you can land some cool stuff in ordinary local stores. With this economy, your best bet may be to spend quality some time in thrift stores. You might even land some actual vintage threads. However, be careful wearing real vintage to dance in, they might just end up being actual threads by the end of the night.

The biggest question we get from the ladies is how to do their hair. Dawn has recently written a review of a new vintage hairstyle book. But you’re thinking “doesn’t vintage hair styles take forever to do?” Well, not necessarily. She’s also posted a video sent to us on how to do victory rolls in 5 minutes… and with the number of hits that page gets, it must be good advice. Speaking of videos, the wonders of YouTube can be a huge help with finding vintage hairstyle tutorials.

For the guys, you have it easy since men’s fashions don’t change much through the years. However, it can be tricky if you are going for the subtle differences that will set you apart as retro. Be sure to check local menswear shops for some cool wide leg pants. You can usually find these at urban menswear stores (think dressy hip-hop stores often found in malls). If you are going for casual, you can sometimes find stripey shirts and socks in stores like Target and Old Navy. If you are looking to dress vintage WWII military, well… that can be a hobby in and of itself. Uniforms can be rented, however, you may want to check eBay or your local Army/Navy surplus store.

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