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Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors

Collegiate Shag Class

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Instructors: Rob & Dawn

Sunday Afternoons

2:30pm – 4:00pm

Classes are on hiatus and start up date is TBD.

Cost: $70/person

Location: The Longwood Ballroom

New Video! – Video Old Video

An all new six week version of this class!

Fast paced and fun! Shag is an energetic dance that is perfect for faster tempos. It’s really EASY to learn and this class will take you from the basics to moves, variations, and style! If you can remember “slow, slow, quick, quick”, then you can learn Shag! This series will start by teaching you a solid basic with simple turns. It will then move into flashy moves like turns on quicks, camel kicks, shag breaks, sailor kicks, and more. The series will wrap up with some style variations like sailor style shag. You’re sure to get a lot out of this series as Collegiate Shag is one of the easiest swing dances to learn!

This class is open to dancers of all levels (beginner to advanced) who are looking to learn the fundamentals of Collegiate Shag. Individuals and couples welcome. No previous dance experience is needed.

Class highlights:

  • Step by step, week by week instruction to make learning easy
  • One hour of instruction per class plus a half hour of help/question time
  • Learn solid lead/follow principals
  • Learn moves that add style and strengthen the basics
  • Concentration on dance dynamics
  • Learn from experienced instructors teaching as a finely-tuned, cohesive team
  • Class goal is to get you comfortable on the dance floor with the Collegiate Shag!

Price & Registration: Advance registration is now closed. You may still register for the class by showing up and paying the Day-of rate ($80) by either cash or check (no credit or debit cards can be accepted).

Please call 407-766-9849 or email us at with any questions.

DVD Review: A DVD review of the class is available for $15. The DVD contains all the core material covered in the class so you can practice exactly what you learn at home. When you register with the DVD review option, your video will be available for you when you check in on the first day of class.

Quotes and Comments

“I wanted to send a little note expressing my appreciation for the amazing job you did teaching me how to dance. I went to all the events for ORLX this past weekend and had some wonderful compliments about my dancing. The biggest one, that topped them all was when a lead said to me, "...your style of dancing is so authentic. It is how the old timers would say they used to dance." Thank you, thank you, thank you...for keeping true to the origin of the dance and passing that on to your students without corruption. It made me extra proud to say who my instructors were. Another lead I danced with was from JAX and attended your workshop there and after I told him who I learned from he said, "oh, yes of course! you are so lucky to have them in Orlando." I just beamed and agreed. What more can one say...keep up the good work seems trite, but it is heartfelt!”

- Jessica

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“At the Whirl -n-Twirl, dancers encounter more than a slick wooden floor and some jazzy tunes. With Rob and Dawn Shrewsbury, dancers find a family!”

- "Fromagebleu" Posted to The A-List

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