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Orlando Swing Dance Classes

Looking to get started in swing dancing? If you have never danced before, we encourage you to go to one of the beginner dance lessons before the Saturday dances. While we have retired from hosting the dances, they continue the format that we originally set in place. Plus we still occasionally make appearances as guest instructors. The class is designed to get people who have never danced before up and on the dance floor having fun! It will introduce you to the basics of footwork and lead/follow. By the end of the class you will know the basic triple step footwork as well as some fundamental turns and moves.

This beginner lesson will give you a head start for any of our series classes. However, even if you have never danced before, many of our series classes, such as the Swing Dance and Lindy Hop series, start from scratch too.

Also, check out the beginning guide FAQ on swing dancing where you can find information on what shoes to wear, what music to practice to, and much much more!

Swing Dance Series Classes

Series classes allow you to learn to dance in a step-by-step, week-by-week fashion. Each class builds upon the material in the previous class and allows time for you to practice between classes. Flyin’ Footwork offers series classes in the Orlando area at the Longwood Ballroom on Sunday afternoons. New classes are starting frequently, so be sure to check the schedule on the top right of this page to get upcoming class dates. Classes we teach include:

Lindy Hop Series Class: Our most popular class! This class takes you from the 6-count to the 8-count basics and includes moves and variations. Great for beginners!

Swing Dance Series Class: This class starts with the 6-count basic and focuses on 6-count moves, turns, and combos. Great for beginners!

Lindy Hop 2 Series Class: From the Lindy Hop basics to moves and variations… this class is designed to make you a stronger dancer.

Intermediate Lindy Hop: This class is designed to advance your dancing through technique, style, and dance dynamics. With an abundance of material, no two intermediate classes are the same. There is always something new!

Charleston Series Class: From 20’s style, to side-by-side, to front/back… this class will show you how to integrate Charleston into any style of swing. Great for all levels of dancers!

Charleston 2 Series ClassReady to take your Charleston to the next level? This class is for those looking to add some pizzazz, so brush up on those 20’s and 30’s style basics!

Balboa Series ClassBalboa is the perfect dance to both look and dance smooth from slow to even the fastest of tempos. This class covers the dance from ground up. This class is great for dancers of all levels, but it can be a bit challenging for those just learning to dance.

Balboa 2 Series Class: Dig deeper into Balboa and learn more complex combos, moves, style, footwork, and dance dynamic. This class is a must if you are looking to take your Balboa to the next level.

Collegiate Shag Series Class: Fast paced and fun! Shag is an energetic dance that is perfect for faster tempos. It’s a bit aerobic, but it’s super easy to learn!

If you have any questions about the series classes or upcoming class schedules, please feel free to call (407-766-9849) or email us.

Swing Dance Workshops

Workshops are compact afternoon (or day long) classes on particular subjects. While they are not as comprehensive as series classes, they offer a lot of information in a short period of time and tend to fit well into busy schedules. They often focus on particular subjects to improve or add new aspects to your dancing. They are an excellent means to pick up new moves, steps, and concepts. Flyin’ Footwork offers workshops from time to time in the afternoons prior to the Saturday swing dances.

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The following is a list of our currently scheduled classes and workshops. Be sure to check back as we are adding new classes regularly.

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New to swing dancing? Read our beginner guide.

“After several years within the swing scene, Rob and Dawn are undoubtedly the reason why it is still alive in this area. They regularly provide solid instruction and sponsor nationally known dancers to do the same in Orlando. They also support live music by occasionally bringing in musicians to play at the regular dances. Rob and Dawn are kind, hospitable, and are the heart to the Orlando swing scene while ensuring their new and existing students' success in learning to swing dance.”

- Christine Posted to The A-List

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