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Winter “Mini” Lindy Hop and Lindy Style Classes

Posted on October 22nd, 2011 by

In December, we will be offering two “mini” series classes at the Longwood studio. These classes will run three weeks (as opposed to the normal six weeks) and will start on Sunday, December 4th and will end the Sunday before Christmas.

Beginner Lindy Hop (4 pm):  This will be a condensed version of our regular six week class and will cover just the essentials to get you up to speed in Lindy Hop. Unlike our six week class, this class will not cover the six count basic, so you must know that in order to join in. However, you can pick this up at the beginner lesson before the dances or if you are in our current swing class, you are all set. This “mini” series class is designed to take you from six count moves into the Lindy Hop swing out (eight count) and give you the essentials to get you out on the dance floor. The full Lindy class won’t be offered again until late spring or summer, so be sure to sign up now.

Lindy Hop Style (2:30 pm): This three week series class will focus on style and footwork variations for Lindy. It is designed to teach you how to be creative with your footwork while still adhering to strong basics. It will also focus on the connection used to communicate and interact with your partner while you “style it up”. From variations to slides to kicks, this class will cover a wide variety of tricks and techniques. You must know the Lindy Hop basic to join in.

Both classes? If you are just starting out with Lindy Hop, we don’t recommend that you do both classes at the same time. However, if you are doing the Lindy Hop class as a review, you are welcome to do the Lindy style class at the same time.

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Fall / Winter Schedule

Posted on October 13th, 2011 by

Winter Schedule: Normally, we wind down group classes in the Holiday season and start again in January. As we’ve mentioned before, this year will be a bit different with the new arrival due in February. As a result, we are still working on our schedule and may teach a few “mini” classes in December and/or early January. Keep an eye out on the website for updates on this. We know we will be taking a hiatus from teaching in February. We are tentatively planning to return to teaching group classes in some capacity in March or April.

With a new addition to the family, we will be revamping how we offer private lessons in 2012. Until then, we plan to keep teaching private lessons until the end of the year. Be sure to take advantage of them now before our schedule gets busy! We will go on hiatus from teaching private lessons at the start of the year and don’t plan to return until sometime after we start group classes again in March or April.

The (soon to be) New Arrival

Posted on August 29th, 2011 by

In case you haven’t heard the news, yes, there is a new member of the Flyin’ Footwork family on the way. We are expecting a new arrival in February. The pregnancy is going great so far and we are looking forward to being parents!

Naturally, this means we won’t be starting our 2012 classes on time in January as we usually do. We fully plan on returning to teaching (thanks to the help of some great friends) sometime in the spring. The exact date will most likely be determined by the little one. 🙂 Keep an eye on the website for updates. In addition, you can follow us on Facebook for class updates… plus the big announcement and photos once that time comes.

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Time running out to register!

Posted on August 23rd, 2011 by

That’s right, less than two weeks left to register for the upcoming series classes starting on Sunday October 9th! Register before midnight, Saturday October 8th and save $10 off the day of rate (which is $70/person). Hurry because space is limited in the Swing Dance class!

Ready to get started with swing dancing? We have two great classes in store for this fall! The six count swing dance series class will start from scratch and teach you all the fundamentals of swing dancing. No previous experience is needed. We’ll start with the six count basic and progress into moves and combos. Each class will build on the information from the previous class to make learning easy. The classes are an hour long with an extra half hour of practice and individual help. This is a great way to get started and get comfortable on the dance floor!

We’ll also be offering our beginner Balboa series class. Looking to look smooth dancing to even the fastest of tempos? Then Balboa is for you! This is the ultimate swing dance when it comes to connecting with your partner. It has a rhythm and flow like nothing else and is seriously addictive! This six week class will teach you all the core fundamentals and basics of the Balboa and start adding in moves and combos.

Classes start on Sunday, October 9th. These are the last series classes for 2011, so don’t miss out. We look forward to seeing you in October!

Intermediate Lindy and new Fall classes

Posted on July 20th, 2011 by

Even though our Intermediate Lindy Hop already started this past Sunday, we still have room for Leads. Please contact us if you are interested in joining on the second week. This class will be designed to challenge those who know the foundations of Lindy Hop by exploring style, footwork and timing variations, and move combinations.

We have just opened for registration two new classes to start in early Fall. The two classes are the Balboa Series Class in the 2:30pm time slot followed by the Swing Dance Series Class at the 4pm time. Both classes start from scratch so no previous dance experience is necessary. The Swing Dance Class is perfect for those looking to get a good well-rounded foundation in the basics of swing dancing (so you can look like you know your way around a dance floor).

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Late Summer Classes

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by

Rob & Dawn - Orlando Swing Dance Instructors

Our next set of classes will start in the late summer (August) timeframe. We will be taking a bit of a break and only offering one series class this time around. Our next set of beginner level classes will probably start in the fall. But don’t worry! If you want to get started with swing dancing, we highly recommend the classes before the 2nd and 4th Saturday swing dances. You’ll get a solid start there and be a step ahead when we start our fall classes.

The one class we offer in August will be Intermediate Lindy Hop. We’ve had a large number of requests to do a “Lindy 3” class following our recent Lindy 2 class. We don’t want to exclude other people who know Lindy Hop from joining in the class, so instead of sticking with the numbering sequence, we’ll tag the class as “Intermediate Lindy”. This class will be designed to challenge those who know the foundations of Lindy Hop by exploring style, footwork and timing variations, and move combinations. Registration is now open!

Have a great summer!

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Time running out – Lindy Hop/Collegiate Shag

Posted on May 2nd, 2011 by

Only a little over a week left to register at the early registration rate for the next set of series classes. Reserve your spot now and save $10 over the day-of price! Both classes start from scratch and no previous dance experience is needed to join in. Classes start next Sunday,  June 19th at the Longwood Ballroom. Be sure to reserve your spot soon!

Lindy Hop Series Class: Ready to get started with swing dancing? This class will teach you the original form… Lindy Hop! The class will start with the six count basic and take you step-by-step and progress to the eight count swingout. We’ll focus on technique and connection to give you solid foundation. This is our most popular class, so be sure to register soon. Click here for more information.

Collegiate Shag Series Class: Fast paced and fun! Shag is an energetic dance that is perfect for faster tempos. It’s really EASY to learn and this class will take you from the basics to moves, variations, and style! If you can remember “slow, slow, quick, quick”, then you can learn Shag! We only teach this class once a year, so don’t miss out! Click here for more information.

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Anna singing with New Traditions

Posted on April 12th, 2011 by

Our friend Anna singing for the very first time with the New Traditions big band. I think she was a little nervous at first, but really hits a home run on the ending. Her grandmother, who sang with big bands in the swing era, would be very proud! I know we all are!

Pandora – Sharing and Tips

Posted on March 30th, 2011 by
Swing and Big Band on Pandora

Swing and Big Band Station (click to listen)

Let’s face it, swing and big band music has all but disappeared from the airwaves. For years, I searched online for good stations, and was mostly frustrated. Well, not to sound cliche, but the Internet has changed all that. Pandora is perfect for those of us who love niche or “dated” genres such as swing and big band.

In case you are behind, Pandora uses the music genome project to build custom stations tailored just to you. Basically you tell it the music you like and it finds music similar to that to play along with it in a station. In a nutshell, it compares your music tastes to others and “magically” makes a playlist on the fly. This is great for people like me since I want to hear the music I like, but I also want to hear “new” music (or at least music new to me) in the playlist as well. I mean iTunes and iPods are great, but I also love to hear different tunes in the same genre as my collection. After all, that’s how I find great music to put into my collection in the first place.

Pandora is all this and more. Best of all, you can share your stations with others. For example, click on the icon (above right) to hear one of my stations. It’s tailored to my tastes, so it’s mostly classic swing artists. However, I left it open enough so I get to hear stuff new to me every so often. As a result, it’s more of a “listening” station and not necessarily a “dancing” station. Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own station.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the genome project by any means, but I have learned a few things about Pandora over time. It is very possible to narrow down a station too much. If you do, you tend to hear the same songs over and over again. There seems to be an art to creating a station that both encompasses your tastes, sticks to a genre, but plays a variety too. Here are a few tips:

  • When starting out, don’t give Pandora just one artist or song to start with. Make use of the “add variety” feature on the station. Add in other artists and songs within that genre that you like too.
  • Don’t overuse “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”. If you rate every song, your station will just get more and more narrow until it only plays just the songs you like. Might as well just pull the iPod out at that point.
  • Having said that, make sure you do rate the songs you really do or don’t like.
  • Think twice before you hit the “thumbs down” button. Just because you don’t like a particular song, you don’t send the wrong message to Pandora. For example, I don’t like bebop jazz. However, it occasionally pops up in my swing station. I don’t give a thumbs down to, say, a Count Basie bebop tune, but I will give a thumbs down to an artist more known for bebop like Max Roach.
  • If you want a good “genre based” station, treat it like a regular radio station. You are going to hear some songs you don’t like or don’t like as well as others. You wouldn’t call and complain to the station for that. However you would if they strayed out of format (time to use the “thumbs down”).

Hope this helps! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and I’ll post some of my stations there every so often.


Next series classes start this Sunday!

Posted on March 9th, 2011 by

You only have a few days left to register at the early registration price of $60/person. After that the price goes up to $70/person so hurry to reserve your spot now! Both six week series classes start this Sunday, May 1st and run to June 12th (no class on Memorial Day Weekend).

Swing Dance - Never danced before and want to get started? The Swing Dance class is perfectly designed to give you all the fundamentals of swing dancing, plus some great moves and variations. The class will feature the 6-count swing dance basic and progress into a variety of moves, turns, and combos. As with most all of the series classes, no previous dance experience or partner is needed so don’t let either one stop you from signing up! Click here to register online.

Lindy Hop 2 – Are you ready to take your Lindy Hop to the next level or maybe you just want to cement in what you’ve already learned? From the Lindy Hop basics to intermediate moves and variations… Lindy Hop 2 is designed to make you a stronger dancer. You must know the 8 count basic Lindy basic to take this class. Click here to register online.

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New to swing dancing? Read our beginner guide.

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