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Rob & Dawn’s Christmas Party

Posted on November 9th, 2013 by

coolyuleSaturday, December 7th: We would like to invite all our friends, family, and former students to our annual Christmas party from 7 to 10pm at the Longwood Ballroom. It’s been a long time since we have seen many of you as our lives have been very busy, so we hope you will join us for a night of danceable Christmas and swing music, good fun, and great cheer! Feel free to bring your family and friends. Likewise, bring some snacks and drinks (no alcohol please) for yourself and to share.

Dance, socialize, and celebrate the season! Oh, and the cost? Nothing. Happy Holidays! Questions? Feel free to contact us.

See you on December 7th!

– Rob, Dawn, & Reagan

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Special event coming soon…

Posted on February 26th, 2013 by

Yes. I know. It’s been a while since many of you have heard from us. We’ve been taking some time off from teaching and dancing to focus our free time on spending it with our young daughter (who just turned one! Yay!). But we have not disappeared. In fact, we are planning something special in April! Be sure to mark your calendars for the evening of Saturday, April 6th. Keep an eye out here as more details are coming soon. ..or follow us on Facebook for updates.

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Happy New Year – 2013 Schedule

Posted on January 3rd, 2013 by

Happy new year and we hope your holidays were great! At the moment, we have not started planning our 2013 class schedule yet. We’re taking a bit of a break and spending time with our little daughter who is a ball of energy and  an absolute joy. So instead of teaching dancing, our focus has been on giving walking lessons. It’s a little more basic than we are use to, far more exhausting, but every bit as rewarding. 🙂

Be sure to keep an eye on this site for updates as we’ll start planning in the near future. Also, be sure to sign up for the email list as that will be the fastest way to know about new classes.

Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you in class or on the dance floor soon!

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Christmas Party Saturday and Happy Holidays

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by

In appreciation of a great year, we would like to extend an open invitation to all of our friends, family, and students (past and present) to our annual Christmas party this Saturday night starting at 7:30pm! We’ll provide the music and the dance floor. You are invited to bring light snacks and/or drinks (no alcohol please) for yourself or to share. There will be an open dance floor and we’ll be playing lots of great holiday swing music. Come out and dance, or just drop by to socialize! Click here for time and location.

While we have no classes on the books at this time, we will soon be planning our early 2013 schedule. Be sure to keep an eye out on this site or sign up for the email list on the right. You can also follow us on Facebook for updates.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2013!

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Join in the second week of classes!

Posted on September 6th, 2012 by

Lindy Hop ClassDid you miss the first week of classes but still want to join in? Well you can still join in the classes on the second week. Just contact us to register (pay by cash or check only) and come to class 15 minutes early to get caught up on what you missed the first week. This is your last chance to take our series classes as this is the last set for 2012 so call or email us today!

Our most popular class, the six week Lindy Hop series, will start from scratch and teach you all the essentials of the dance. It will start with the six count basic and progress into the eight count swingout. The Balboa is a classic swing era dance from Southern California that has enjoyed a tremendous revival in popularity in recent years, earning it a cult following of die hard dancers.

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Fall Schedule, but in the meantime…

Posted on July 30th, 2012 by

Our late summer classes just started and we are currently putting together our fall schedule. We’re planning on taking the month of September off, so the Sunday afternoon series classes will resume in the October time frame. But never fear! In the meantime, if you are looking to get started in swing dancing, we are still guest instructing at the 1st & 3rd Saturday dances. Be sure to drop by. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment that is perfect for getting started with dancing. We’ll show you the essentials to get you out on the dance floor and having fun. In addition, you will have a head start for our fall series classes!

Also, be sure to sign up for the email list (on the right), or follow us on Facebook to be updated on when the fall schedule is set.

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Next series classes and new Charleston 2 Class

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by

Our next set of series classes (Swing Dance and Lindy 2) will be starting on July 22nd! In the meantime, check out the Charleston 2 class!

Ready for the Charleston swingout? This three week class is for those looking to add some pizzazz, so brush up on those 20’s and 30’s style basics! The class will start with 20’s style Charleston rotations. This will set the foundation for the focal point of this class; the Charleston Swingout. Not only is this energetic and dynamic, but it is the early roots of Lindy Hop. It’s a wild and crazy and a ton of fun! Given time remaining in this three week class, we’ll also cover moves like Savoy Kicks and Tandem Reversals.

Click here for more info and registration.


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A New Dance Starting

Posted on April 27th, 2012 by

We have partnered with the Longwood Ballroom to create an all new Saturday night swing dance.  Happening on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, the dance will feature the best in swing, big band, jump blues, and early rock ‘n roll for your dancing inspiration. If you are just starting out, we’ll be hosting the beginner swing dance lesson before the dance at 7pm. Don’t be shy, beginners are welcome! Dancing follows at 8pm. We hope to see you there on the dance floor!

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Lindy Hop and Shim Sham Classes

Posted on April 27th, 2012 by

Starting in June: We’ll be offering our most popular class, the six week Lindy Hop series class! Taught by Rob & Dawn, this class will start from scratch and teach you both the six-count and eight-count basics of Lindy Hop. In addition, you’ll learn moves and variations that reinforce those basics. The goal of the class is to get you comfortable and confident on the dance floor with Lindy. It’s a great way to get started!

Also starting in June is an all new three week class on the Shim Sham! The Shim Sham is a jazz era dance routine originally done by Vaudeville performers in the early 1900’s. While there are many variations of the Shim Sham around today, the version popular amongst swing dancers and Lindy Hoppers is a solo group dance (dare we say “line”?) that incorporates various jazz steps. Taught by Anna and Shelley, this class will teach you the whole dance from time steps, to cross-overs and Tacky Annies. You’ll get a chance to practice it as a group step-by-step until you have it down pat.

Coming soon! A new three week Charleston 2 class! Ready to learn the Charleston swingout?

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Swing and Charleston Classes

Posted on April 15th, 2012 by

Still a little time! Our six week Swing Dance and Charleston classes started Sunday. However, there is still space in each class and you can join in the class on the second week. We will work with you to help you get caught up to join in. If you want to register to start on the second week, be sure to contact us.

Big news! On a side note… wondering what the big news is? Well drop by this website. More info will be coming!


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“Rob and Dawn make learning how to dance a less scary thing. They make you feel like family, which means your never intimated to ask questions or make mistakes. By far the best Dance studio Experience!!!”

- Steven M. Gonzalez Posted to The A-List

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