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Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors

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  • “Great friendly instructors who are patient with both beginners and more advanced students. Over the past three years I've taken several of their workshops and private lessons and recommend them highly.”

    - Andrew Haas Posted to The A-List

  • “Great personal care and attention. They are the best if you really want to learn in a fun environment.”

    - Dave Posted to The A-List

  • “This dance studio is the place to be when you want to meet nice people and dance to great music. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel at home. That's not easy in a world of dancers.”

    - Elba Posted to The A-List

  • “If anyone has ever tried learning swing or Lindy in the Orlando area, but found it difficult, they obviously have never had classes with Rob and Dawn! They are patient, fun, and friendly instructors ready with accurate and helpful tips to share with others. They genuinely love the dance and they love watching people learn it! That is why they do it!”

    - Shell Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob & Dawn are the best dance teachers in Florida! Their classes are always easy to follow, well-paced, fun and educational! I look forward to every chance I have to learn from them. They show infinite patience with their students and will do whatever it takes to help you learn. I also appreciate all the work they put in to maintaining the best regular swing dances at the Whirl n'Twirl.”

    - Erin Posted to The A-List

  • “Your friendliness and kindness, especially for a dance teacher I had just met, blew me away.”

    - Crystal Englert

  • “After taking the beginning Lindy Hop class from Dawn and Rob, I was hooked! Not only are they great instructors who explain the steps in a clear way that you can understand, they are friendly people who make you feel at ease, especially when I didn't know what I was doing! They always took the time to give extra attention on steps I didn't understand, and kept at it until I got it.

    I would highly recommend their class to anyone who is intrigued by swing dance, or ever sat by the dance floor at an event and wished they could participate. Get out there and give it a try, you won't be disappointed by Rob and Dawn!”

    - Maria McKee-Gandy

  • “Rob and Dawn combine technical expertise, a love of dance, and the capacity to clearly teach both, making the process of learning and dancing a pleasure for all who study with them.”

    - Jeff Wirth

  • “It was October 2005 when I first found out about you and the Whirl & Twirl. I have to tell you that many things changed since then. As a beginner dancer, I have managed to learn east coast swing along with lindy and charleston; I made new friends and plus made my 2nd & 4th Saturday nights much useful. I am grateful to you for all these. Well, I believe it is not only me; many others as well owe you bunch of thanks for your efforts to keep the Swing scene alive...”

    - Alex I. Oksit

  • “Six week basic Lindy Series. 114 miles each way (from St. Petersburg). Worth every mile. Best ongoing teachers in the region! Swing Heil!”

    - Jesse Wolf

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“Some dance instructors are “stiff” and “structured” and teach in such an intimidating fashion – NOT Dawn and Rob! They work together beautifully to make dancing a fun, positive and rewarding experience. We’ve just signed up for your next Lindy Hop session! Thanks!”

Joanne “Dr. Jo” Lichten Author, Speaker

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