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Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors

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  • “Dawn & Rob are great! Best swing dancers around!”

    - Jon Harper Posted to The A-List

  • “Fantastic instructors! They make it easy to understand and make it fun!”

    - Anonymous Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob and Dawn make learning how to dance a less scary thing. They make you feel like family, which means your never intimated to ask questions or make mistakes. By far the best Dance studio Experience!!!”

    - Steven M. Gonzalez Posted to The A-List

  • “A place for all ages and all levels of expertise. if you can't dance watching is just as interesting”

    - Joan Cichanowski Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob and Dawn ARE Flyin' Footwork and if you didn't have a love of dance before you meet them you will soon catch it!”

    - Marilyn Singer Posted to The A-List

  • “Best instructors I know!!”

    - Adam Kaczmarek Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob & Dawn at Flyin' Footwork are fab-freakin-tastic!! I've taken both public workshops and private lessons from them with a partner who had never danced before in his life. He now loves dancing swing and lindy hop as a direct result of their comfortable and professional teaching style. They really make you feel at ease with getting out on the dance floor, and work with you to bring out the strengths of your own individual dance style. I'm a seasoned dancer, but I benefit from even basic lessons with Rob & Dawn because they help me to fine tune my technique and clean up old habits. If you are looking to get into social dancing for the first time, or just wanting to brush up on moves, Flyin' Footwork is the place to go!!!”

    - Janice Posted to The A-List

  • “Very warm and friendly social environment. My favorite!.. dance place in Orlando... Check them out on 2nd and 4th Saturday nights...”

    - Alex Posted to The A-List

  • “For many years Linda and I have tried taking Swing Dance lessons. We have always found that the method of instruction was complicated, boring, and many cases drawn-out to keep you coming back as customers (clients). One night we attended Rob & Dawn's class. By the end of a one-hour class we had learned at least 6 very cool Lindy moves. The class was extremely fun and very well presented. We finally found what we were looking for....and have since learned over 30 Lindy moves Their method of instruction is excellent....and, their price is unbeatable.”

    - Jack & Linda Hibbard Posted to The A-List

  • “Great instructors, a great American style of dance, a Flying Footwork is a winning combination for anyone who wants to get into dancing or learn something new :)”

    - Jeannette McCree Posted to The A-List

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“Rob and Dawn are great dance teachers! They have great personalities and make everything fun!!!”

- "monicaanddjpj" Posted to The A-List

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