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Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors

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  • “I take swing classes with them and I see how much they can dance! Very, very good and professional....”

    - Claudia Posted to The A-List

  • “Their love for Swing is contagious and keeps me coming back! From beginner to advanced they are there to help you out and make it easy! My sympathies go out to those who are missing out on the best dance studio in town!!!”

    - Jessica Posted to The A-List

  • “They are a bundle of energy and so much fun!”

    - Rose C Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob & Dawn are an example of how much fun swing dancing can be.Their light-hearted attitude is contagious and inspires others to dance. It is a joy to watch them on the dance floor! As BBVD says "oh,oh,oh! I wanna be just like you!"”

    - Diane - Posted to The A-List

  • “They were hosting the first Swing Dance that I ever attended and I was instantly attracted to how fun this dancing style was. They also teach lessons that are affordable unlike established dancing studios year-round.”

    - MTTran Posted to The A-List

  • “Great fun, like no other!”

    - Grencia Eckener Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob and Dawn are great instructors. I had never danced before I met them. They transformed me from someone who was afraid to dance into someone who now dances comfortably. They have great personalities, classes are always fun, and the lessons are structured in a way to make learning easy.”

    - Jason Posted to The A-List

  • “They have consistently been the driving force of Swing in Orlando. Without Flyin' Footwork Productions there wouldn't be swing dancing in Central Florida. They are the best instructors, making learning to dance fun and exciting. The dances provide a fun and energetic social atmosphere for both advanced and beginner dancers. They make everyone feel welcome, and keep the crowds coming back for more every danced. I can't say enough about them. Rob and Dawn are awesome!”

    - Megan Kaczmarek Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob & Dawn are terrific teachers; they take it nice and slow for beginners and always add just that little bit extra, or different, for the ones who've already picked up the basics. I love going out to socialize and have fun at their Saturday Whirl & Twirl Swing dances. They're very friendly and make the dance fun. They show you how the dance is great for all ages, for the body and for the spirit.”

    - Jacky the Brit Posted to The A-List

  • “By far the best teachers in Central Florida. They make it so easy and they are so much fun to listen to! (They make me laugh and dance all through the classes and dances)”

    - Suzanna Letchford Posted to The A-List

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“I like the class because it is very organized and they are very attentive. It is a lot of fun and it is a good workout as well. Thanks Rob and Dawn for the great class!!”

- "jbarba" Posted to The A-List

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