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Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors

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  • “They are passionate about what they do, and really care about teaching others.”

    - Lauraq Posted to The A-List

  • “A lot of fun, family oriented, broad range of ages; great lessons, bands and dj's; inexpensive. What's not to like? Rob & Dawn make the lessons fun as well as informative and its great to watch when they actually get out on the floor to dance with us in between duties at the dances.”

    - Vicki Johnson Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob and Dawn (Flyin' Footwork Productions) provide skilled dance instruction for all level dancers. Their dedication and passion for swing is evident in the wealth of information they possess and willingness to share it! For method of instruction, technique, reliability, organization, and most of, Flyin' Footwork is the best dance studio in the area!”

    - Kelley Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob and Dawn are the best teachers.”

    - Tracy D Posted to The A-List

  • “I had 2 left feet when we first met. Now I am teaching some of the beginners when I attend. Keep up the good work!”

    - J.T. Posted to The A-List

  • “They are the best”

    - Anonymous Posted to The A-List

  • “They have brought swing dancing to life for me!”

    - Stacie Fletcher Posted to The A-List

  • “They are terrific and lots of fun.”

    - Rosemary Posted to The A-List

  • “Folks.... they are great!!! Just watch they dance you know why they're the best. Lost of technics, different styles, professional dancers, The Best!!!”

    - Mrs. Nogueira Posted to The A-List

  • “They're the best...Always smiling and making dancing more fun... nice techniques, fast bit or slow, they always dance the best!”

    - Nelson Posted to The A-List

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“By far the best teachers in Central Florida. They make it so easy and they are so much fun to listen to! (They make me laugh and dance all through the classes and dances)”

- Suzanna Letchford Posted to The A-List

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