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Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors

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  • “They can help even the 2-left-footed enjoy dance!”

    - Edna Posted to The A-List

  • “Best dance instructors I have ever seen!!!”

    - Jennifer Stack Posted to The A-List

  • “They offer a truly unique dance opportunity.”

    - Leslie Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob and Dawn are truly the team! We needed to learn the Charleston for an event and they made it easy and FUN! If you are looking for a dance studio look no further-they are your best bet!”

    - Atomic Entertainment Posted to The A-List

  • “they are really great examples of teamwork, caring and great dancers”

    - Mary Dell Posted to The A-List

  • “Because they are full of energy, completely knowledgeable and great at explaining complicated dance moves!”

    - Sam Sinns Posted to The A-List

  • “After one lesson I felt I actually learned something.”

    - Bernadette Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob & Dawn are passionate about teaching dance, create an uninhibited environment to learn, and are patient with those of us who are learning. I would advise anyone who wants to learn to swing dance take a class from Rob & Dawn.”

    - Russ Posted to The A-List

  • “Rob & Dawn are the greatest! Going to the dances they host at Whirl and Twirl is always fun. The classes they teach are very good because they cover the details of each step.”

    - Rebekah Posted to The A-List

  • “Great music, friendly people, great dancing!”

    - Megan Wasneechak Posted to The A-List

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“After one lesson I felt I actually learned something.”

- Bernadette Posted to The A-List

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