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Spring Classes are Set!

Posted on March 1st, 2012 by

Starting April 15th, return to our Sunday afternoon series class schedule. Rob & Dawn (with Anna filling in) will be back to teaching group classes! The first classes of 2012 will be the six count Swing Dance series and the Charleston class. Both are perfect for beginners! The swing dance class with start from scratch and teach you all the essentials of swing. You not only learn the basics, but a whole host of moves to add to your library. The goal is to get you comfortable and confident on the dance floor by teaching you how the dance works as opposed to memorizing steps. The Charleston class will also start from scratch and teach you both 20’s style and 30’s style charleston. It will show you how to dance Charleston as a dance itself and how to integrate it into your swing (no matter the style). From flapper style to side-by-side to tandem; this class has lots of cool stuff!

Series classes are a great way to learn! This format will take you step-by-step, week-by-week to avoid information overload. Not only do you get an hour of class time a week, but each class is followed by a half hour of practice time where you can ask questions and get individual help. We work to give you as many tools as possible to make your dance education a success!


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