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Posted on December 19th, 2011 by

Rob & Dawn ShrewsburyAs many of you may know, we are expecting the birth of our first child in early February. We are very excited, and, as you would expect, very busy getting ready for the new arrival. As a result, we will be taking a hiatus from teaching for a little while. However, dancing and teaching is a big part of our life and we do plan to return once the little one is on a schedule. At the moment, here are our plans for early 2012:

Group Classes: Normally, we start classes for the year in early January. However, we will be postponing our first classes of 2012 until sometime in April. Shortly after the baby is born we will have a better idea of the exact time frame and will be scheduling classes then. To stay up to date, please sign up for the email list (on the right) to get the latest updates on when classes are announced. If you are just starting out dancing, we highly recommend going to the beginner swing dance lesson before the 2nd & 4th Saturday dances. That will give you a great head start!

Private Lessons: As of mid-January, we will be putting private lessons on hold for a while. We plan to return to group classes first and private lessons sometime after that. Again, keep an eye on the website and the email list for updates.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and support! We’re very honored that we’ve already gotten many inquiries on when we will be returning to teaching. With the help of some close friends, we plan to return in spring. If you want to be one of the first to know when the little one arrives, be sure to follow us on Facebook.


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