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Late Summer Classes

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by

Rob & Dawn - Orlando Swing Dance Instructors

Our next set of classes will start in the late summer (August) timeframe. We will be taking a bit of a break and only offering one series class this time around. Our next set of beginner level classes will probably start in the fall. But don’t worry! If you want to get started with swing dancing, we highly recommend the classes before the 2nd and 4th Saturday swing dances. You’ll get a solid start there and be a step ahead when we start our fall classes.

The one class we offer in August will be Intermediate Lindy Hop. We’ve had a large number of requests to do a “Lindy 3” class following our recent Lindy 2 class. We don’t want to exclude other people who know Lindy Hop from joining in the class, so instead of sticking with the numbering sequence, we’ll tag the class as “Intermediate Lindy”. This class will be designed to challenge those who know the foundations of Lindy Hop by exploring style, footwork and timing variations, and move combinations. Registration is now open!

Have a great summer!


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“Rob & Dawn are terrific teachers; they take it nice and slow for beginners and always add just that little bit extra, or different, for the ones who've already picked up the basics. I love going out to socialize and have fun at their Saturday Whirl & Twirl Swing dances. They're very friendly and make the dance fun. They show you how the dance is great for all ages, for the body and for the spirit.”

- Jacky the Brit Posted to The A-List

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