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Dawn: Defender of Ducks

Posted on March 24th, 2008 by

People often ask what we do when we aren’t teaching dancing or putting on swing dance events. I could tell you about our day jobs working on computers and web sites, but I wouldn’t want to let the secret solution to insomnia go public just yet. Instead, I’ll tell you about Dawn’s alter ego… Dawn, the animal lover. A simple walk around the block during a break today turns into adventure as Dawn rescues two baby ducks from being hit by cars as they cross the road. As she watches the babies scuttle along to the pond, wild kingdom unfolds before her eyes as a hawk swoops down and carries off one of the babies. Not having anymore of that, Dawn, champion of all fluffy defenseless cuteness, ensures the other duck’s safe voyage to the pond. Unfortunately, mother duck was nowhere to be seen. After monitoring the situation all day, the outlook for the baby duck did not appear to be good. As I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, Dawn walks in with a box. She had rescued the ducky!

Who else do you know that keeps a baby duck at their desk? 🙂

We’re taking the little bugger into a wildlife rescue this afternoon.


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“Rob and Dawn are the driving force for keeping swing dancing alive in this city. They treat all their students with encouragement and with the true desire to help them succeed. Not only that but they themselves are great perfomers. When they break out in dance at one of their twice monthly dances, everyone stops what they are doing to watch. Nobody comes close to matching their passion and desire for keeping the swing dance movement alive.”

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